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What is going to be the scenario if there would be no telecommunication in this generation? I couldn’t imagine how miserable life would be without internet, radio and television or cable networks, VoIP, mobile phones or landlines. Indeed, telecommunication plays a very vital role to connect people from around the globe in an instant and make everyday living pleasurable and productive.Regardless of the location, size, and economic condition of a certain country, telecommunication is always regarded as the most powerful tool in linking individuals. In the past, the traditional landline phone served as a very important instrument in communicating with a colleague or family member who is a million miles away. As the years go by, innovation in technology became so aggressive thereby introducing new products day after day. Though, we do not disregard the power of wired telecommunication, which is also continuously revolutionizing to have something new to offer to the public, the conceptualization of wireless technology made a great impact to the human race.Now, an individual could be linked to the World Wide Web in an instant with the use of Wi-Fi broadband internet connection. It is faster and reliable than the usual dial-up. When you want to talk to somebody else, you can do it basically anytime, anywhere using a cellular phone. If you are always on the go, mobile handset is the best one for you. You can choose from a simple mobile phone that only features talk and text or to a pricey unit called smart phone, which is now the latest trend. This invention took the world by storm because of its capability to connect online, check e-mail and enjoy social networking sites.In the early 80′s, Voice over Internet Protocol of VoIP greeted the world with a big “HELLO”. It is another genius creation that paved way to a very cheap communication rate as compared to the conventional telephone. This means that calling a family or friend who is staying abroad would no longer be expensive. These days, many people are saving a lot of bucks with the use of VoIP. If you need to make calls often for personal or business related matters, this VoIP is a must-have technologically advanced product.Wireless telecommunication has developed so quickly. There’s no doubt about it. Wired technology also does and it continues to enhance its facilities to achieve perfection. For instance, a couple of decades ago, internet started with the use of dial-up connections. The speed was so poor. Now, surfing the net is more than fun because of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL. With this new data communications technology, information could now be transmitted in a flash. ADSL is a form of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) that uses copper telephone lines.Connecting with special people in our lives has never been easy until telecommunication came into reality. Now, with more sophisticated facilities and state-of-the-art technologies, the telecomm industry gives superb services, making communication between and among people worldwide, from all walks of life, economical and trouble-free.

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